March 26 Coalition Meeting Followup

We had a great turnout for the meeting on March 26 at Habitat Brewery.    We covered the following topics and had many good discussions throughout.

4:00 to 4:10                                     Welcome and Self-Introductions

4:10 to 4:20                                    DWAC Concerns

                                                      Antiquated Solution

                                                      Neighborhood & Riverfront Disconnection

                                                      Oversized Solution

                                                      Safety Issues

                                                      Construction Impacts on the Economy

4:20 to 4:35                                    City of Asheville Role

                                                      Decision-maker and what that Means                 

                           Consultant RFQ

                                                      Supportive of Current Solution


4:35 to 4:50                                    NCDOT  Issues

                                                      Design-Build Approach                 


                                                      Noise Impacts

                                                      Nothing Set in Stone

4:50 to 5:10                                    DWAC Activities & Efforts

                                                      Letters to City and NCDOT

                                                      Insistence on Consultant

                                                      FOIA of information

                                                      USDOT Outreach

                                                      Time to make this an Election Issue

                                                      Business Sign Activism

                                                      Educational Materials Creation

5:10 to 5:20                                    How You Can Help                 

                                                      Time to Make this an Election Issue

                           Sign Distribution

                                                      Outreach to neighbors and other organizations

                                                      Petition Gathering                                                

5:20 to 6:00                                    QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD                 


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